"After few days I noticed that I'm calmer in myself, I was definitely sleeping better, but I still had some aches. After about a week I increased the dose of CBD and a week after that I realised that the pain that I had in my knees and my hips was gone, just wasn't there anymore."


"Fitness was always a very large part of my life, I exercise six times a week. I find that after taking CBD my aches and pains were relieved a lot faster, I could work out a lot harder, a lot more consistently, and overall my mood would improve in my day-to-day, I don't feel as anxious, I'm sleeping better. Initially, after taking CBD I noticed calmness come over me, I feel like I can focus a little bit more, I have more drive to attack the day."


"Immediately after taking CBD I feel this calm come across my body. The feelings and emotions inside me start to dissipate. I generally feel looser, never any sleepiness, I feel refreshed as well. Any myth that you might feel high while taking CBD was very quickly dispelled."