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When you’re feeling a bit blue and everything is going wrong even a small positive thing could make your day a bit brighter. Citrusy D-limonene boost is there like a beam of light on a cloudy sky.

Terpene Boost: D-limonene - most commonly found in citruses, especially oranges. Terpene known for reducing stress, enhancing mood and self-confidence.

HOIL is a full-spectrum oil

CBD + full range of terpenes and cannabinoids


Cannabis Sativa L. extract, MCT oil

At HOIL, our low-pressure extraction method preserves most natural terpenes and cannabinoids, maximizing the overall effect. Some of our oils contain greater quantities of specific individual terpenes to match your needs.

Place a few drops under the tongue and allow 2 minutes to absorb. We recommend starting with 5mg CBD 2 times a day and increase dosage as necessary to reach the desired effect.
Do not exceed 200 mg of CBD per day.

Thanks to the precisely measured dropper, it’s easy to determine the appropriate dose for you, and you’ll always know how much you are taking:

HOIL 600 mg CBD: 0,25 ml = 5 mg CBD

HOIL 1200 mg CBD: 0,25 ml = 10 mg CBD

THC level non-detectable (0.01% or less)



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