Dosing Guide

cbd dosing guide

What is the optimal dose of CBD? It depends.

Here are some key facts:
Even though human bodies are similar, everyone is unique.
As such, CBD has varied effects at different dosing levels,
similar to individual reactions to coffee.

Taking large amounts from the very beginning will not
necessarily give you better results.

CBD has a two-phase action – above the optimal amount
its efficacy declines. So, if you feel the effects are starting
to fade as you increase the dose, reduce it back to the level
which gave you the best results.
Consequently, monitoring doses and their effects will help
you find your sweet spot, called the Goldilocks zone.



Here is our 3-step plan to start your CBD journey:

cbd oil dropper


1. Start with 10mg CBD taken 2-3 times
a day with a meal.

cbd bottle


2. If you don’t feel any difference after
3-4 days, increase the CBD dose by 3mg.
If no effect, continue to increase the dose in
the same way.

cbd dosing calendar


3. Keep track of your dose and monitor
the effects.

TIP: For best results, take CBD after a meal and keep it under your tongue for two minutes



How to determine exactly how many milligrams CBD you are taking?

cbd oil dropper






Thanks to our calibrated

dropper, you know exactly
how many millilitres (mL)
of oil you are taking out of
the bottle in one dose.





cbd oil bottle





On the side of the label, you

can find the conversion chart
that translates mL of the oil
to milligrams (mg) of CBD.

This is key, as it allows you to accurately establish your unique optimal
dose. No more counting drops and complicated calculations!





Dosing Consistency

cbd oil dosing consistency


Plant supplements are not generally consistent between types
or brands. Even though CBD is the main active component of
hemp supplements, other cannabinoids and terpenes present
can massively affect your response to supplementation. This
is the reason you may react differently to various types and
brands of CBD, so switching from one to another too quickly
is not optimal.

Some people take CBD sporadically then subsequently complain 
about the lack of results. Consistency is the key to obtain the most 
out of CBD as it needs time to build up an effective level in the body. 
Exercising a little patience will help you feel the full potential of this 
plant supplement. Due to our biological differences, some people will 
feel the effects quicker and stronger than others.


The Importance of Terpenes




Many terpenes produced by cannabis occur elsewhere in nature.
Apart from dosing, finding the correct terpene profile is also important.
Cannabis strains possess different properties due to unique terpene 
Profiles (often called Indica or Sativa types - although cannabis plants 
are now generally hybrids due to cross-breeding, and pure samples 
of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis.
Terpenes are aromatic compounds commonly found in the
plant kingdom. You will recognise them as scents, for example,
of lavender or lemon. They also have physiological properties,
like the soothing effect of lavender.
Hemp, as with other plant supplements, works best in its unchanged form. 
CBD is no exception; when combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes 
it creates a powerful synergistic effect. So, some terpene profiles will work 
more effectively for your individual needs than others.