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Why we decided on Low-Pressure Extraction

Even though CO2 is the most popular in the market, we decided to use LPE for a few major reasons:

  • LPE extraction can be conducted at room temperature (so less natural components of the plant are lost during extraction) - it’s like cooking soup, if it overheats, valuable elements might degrade. 
  • LPE does not require heavy post-processing which guarantees more purity.
  • LPE uses much less power to run which is more environmentally friendly.

LPE vs CO2

Our LPE process uses fresh plant material, while other methods of extraction require additional drying and trimming to prepare the plant. LPE (Low-Pressure Extraction) allows us to carry out extraction at room temperature so that 89% of cannabinoids contained in the plant are well preserved and go to the extract.

Full-spectrum oil with a terpene profile as close as possible to the plant composition is extracted from the plant with no traces of the solvent. One of the unique parameters characterised by LPE extraction is that 90% of unwanted plant waxes are not extracted. This allows us to avoid the purification processes needed by CO2 extraction which would allow terpenes contained in the hemp to escape.

Oil extracted with supercritical CO2, that uses high pressure and high temperature, contains almost everything from the plant including elements you don’t want in your oil and this is why more purifying processes are required afterwards.

To ensure the highest quality of our extracts, every day we carry out dozens of analyses of the composition and the desired parameters. Our analytical facilities and a wide network of cooperation with external laboratories give us the confidence that every product leaving our factory is characterised by the highest quality and purity.




Cannabis sativa L. is a one-season plant grown throughout Europe.

The varieties from which we produce our products have been specially selected from available certified varieties throughout Europe, thanks to which we are able to cultivate and process cannabis for cosmetic, construction and food supplements.

Thanks to our long-term experience on our organic farms, we have managed to develop the right technique for sowing, cultivating, harvesting and drying so that the final product is of the best quality. This means that our products are free from various types of heavy metals and pesticides that are used with conventional agriculture.

At each production stage, we carry out quality checks on equipment and materials used to produce our CBD products.